The Division Tech Wing Upgrades

The Division Tech Wing Upgrades. A redditor has gone ahead and constructed an image that maps out the complete medical upgrade path. Gain entry to the subway morgue site.

The Division Recalibration Station Tech Wing upgrade YouTube from

The division 1.1 update crafting changes detailed; Blue is for the security wing, yellow for the tech wing, and green for the medical wing. You’ll need quite a few, but don’t worry they’re easy to get.

Go To Every Safehouse And Check The Situation Board.

The tech wing and the missions and events are associated with the blue color, whereas the supplies needed to upgrade the wing (security wing supplies) are marked with a special, blue icon. Blue is for the security wing, yellow for the tech wing, and green for the medical wing. Head down the stairs to engage the hostile force below.

As With All Three Wings There Are 10 Available Upgrades Available.

That is the fastest way to get division tech, but do only upgrade gear after you are 100% sure knowing what are you doing yep. Walk forwards to the stairs leading to the tech wing; But for some reason i'm missing 100 points for the second upgrade.

A Redditor Has Gone Ahead And Constructed An Image That Maps Out The Complete Medical Upgrade Path.

Energy bar (perk) increase energy bar effect duration by 5 seconds. In the dark zone you can obtain division tech from cases around the map, killing boss, clearing landmarks, and on extracted cases (purple or golden ones). Increase looted dark zone fund gains by.

I'm Guessing You Haven't Unlocked A Safe House Yet.

The base of operations and any settlements you have in division 2 serve as safe havens for agents. The division 1.1 update crafting changes detailed; This missions allows you to unlock the third and final wing that gives you access to tech skills, talents and perks.

Gain Entry To The Subway Morgue Site.

The following table represents all the upgrades available in the security wing, coupled with their costs and the abilities, talents and perks that each one. I did the first upgrade on the tech wing, not sure what it's called since i've closed down the game for tonight. The actual perk reveals all division tech crafting nodes on the dark zone map.