Game Of Thrones Tech Uplift Fanfiction

Game Of Thrones Tech Uplift Fanfiction. Martin's a song of ice and fire and its hbo show game of thrones. I'd like recs over 100k and ongoing/completed in genre of faction building/technology uplift.

The Lost Dragon Game of Thrones Chapter Six. Wattpad from

I shook my head of those thoughts. He provided not only a tech uplift, but also a cultural one as well, introducing things like the principals of. A game of kings and si's has the si as robert baratheon just after the sack of king's landing.

A Few Ships From 1942 End Up On Another World, And Take The Natives From The Bronze Age To Late 19Th Century Tech In Just A Few Years On A Total War Economy.

In spite of the fact that he had been born into a tribe that was living in a barely out of the stone age technology. Game of thrones fanfiction archive with over 10,154 stories. 0100010's connecticut yankees in king robert's court 2.0 has two si's, one engineer and one medical.

Jon Hummed And Nodded His Head.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A game of kings and si's. Harry potter is taken in by a loving family, and raised to become the hero of both worlds.

Many Civilizations That Have Access To Technology More Advanced Than Modern Day Humanity In Speculative Fiction Works Have Some Sort Of Law Against Sharing Tech With Lower Peoples.

Good opportunity for an oc too. The uplift is a mishmash of technology (18th century firearms mixed with revolvers, complete industrialization in the north, late 19th. But then there are those who not only are willing to trade with the local primitives, they might even see it as their duty in some way.

While Not Fanfiction, One Of The Best Examples Of A Pre Space Age Tech Uplift Story Is The Destroyermen Series By Taylor Anderson.

Falls back into the game of thrones. Learning that her best friend amelia was a wolf at a. Knightoftempest's a gamer of thrones:

The Iron Bank's Sense Of Showmanship Extended To The Dramatic Entrance.

But then they had lyra, she was born weak and prematurely, when jon had heard he thought she would suffer the same fate as her brother. Martin has stated that the storyline in his a song of ice and fire novels is partially (and loosely) inspired by the wars of the roses, the dynastic conflict that occurred in england intermittently between 1455 and 1487. Videssos not game of thrones on this chapter.