Desert Tech Srs A2 Covert 300 Win Mag

Desert Tech Srs A2 Covert 300 Win Mag. The srs a2 and srs a2 covert barrels have increased fluting length both forward and rear for weight reduction. The bolt utilizes a 60 degree bolt throw.

Desert Tech SRS A1 Covert .308 Win + WS .338 Lapua Magnum Vorführwaffe from

The.300 winchester magnum is an extremely accurate cartridge at 1000 yards and beyond, it bucks the wind better than the.308 win, and many competitors use it in 1000 yard bench rest competitions. Desert tech srs a2 covert 300 win mag fde ships free! You will see up to 30% improved in accuracy with.

28.2”.300 Win Mag 18” Barrel:

Looking to have a proof carbon done in 300 prc for the srs a2. 18 (45.74 cm) 29 (73.66 cm) 8.1 lb (3.67 kg) 1 in 8 1170: Shooters can shoot various ammo calibers and types depending on situational need.

First On The List Is Accuracy.

Desert tech munitions.308 winchester 175. I’ve mainly dealt with the 300 wm out of a couple rem 700’s, and i was never quite pleased with the accuracy of the rifles. Magazine from desert tech shows an internal length capability of a whopping 3.94 inches.

The New Desert Tech Srs Has Some Notable Updates.

I tried the a2 out with several different barrels at the range, among them the 6.5 creedmoor,.308 winchester,.300 remington ultra magnum and.300 winchester magnum. It was purpose designed for police and millitary snipers, with superb ergonomics and accuracy. .308 winchester, 6.5 creedmoor,.300 winchester magnum, 300 norma magnum, 300 rum, 7mm,.338.

New 5/8 X 24 Muzzle Thread Pitch.

Like the ai magazine, cartridges loaded this long will cause the bullet’s nose to impact the magazine. You will see up to 30% improved in accuracy with. Included in the kit are:

Desert Tech Srs A2 Covert 300 Win Mag Fde Ships Free!

It’s due to their new barrels and improved locking. 28.2”.338 lm 18” barrel and muzzle brake: I hand loaded the 225 bthp and 225 eld’s for those with fairly.