Battery Park Shd Tech Map

Battery Park Shd Tech Map. Shd is located in the area of the white dot with question mark, which is rounded out with a dotted line. Visiting each zone's safe house will unlock all shd tech caches hidden in that area.

‘Division 2’ Battery Park SHD Tech Locations All 5 Caches on the Map from

This shd cache can be found west part of the battery park. Use the progress tracker to find everything! Drop down from here to.

Go To The Underground Entrance Straight Down The Street From The Haven Safe House (Consult The Pics Below To See Which One I Mean).

See all five battery park shd locations below. Shd tech is a finite resource that unlocks access to the best perks in the division 2. The next shd cache should be on the upper floor of the building.

Looking At The World Map, Players Need To Get To The Area A Little Above The “K” In Battery Park And Head Inside The Large Building With Black Drapes All Around It.

Dutch doors exterior with screen; In the battery park area of nyc there are 5 shd tech caches to find. Visiting each zone's safe house will unlock all shd tech caches hidden in that area.

The Second Civic Center Shd Tech Cache Is In The Sewers.

Find comms, shd tech, hunters, keychains, weapons & more! Division 2's first shd tech cache in battery park is located here. There are four shd tech caches located in the battery park zone.

To Help You Find Each One Of These Collectibles Check Out The Video Above By Wow Quests.

Enter through the main lobby and make your way to the elevators. These collectibles range from the standard comms to more useful shf tech caches. These caches are spread out across the area and require finding them to collect.

Turn Right And Climb Up The Ventilation Shafts To Reach The Shd Tech Crate.

Battery park shd tech cache locations. When visiting a safe house, approach and interact with the computer terminal to reveal shd tech caches locations for that area. Drop down from here to.